Marcel Top is a 23 years old London based Belgian photographer. 
Alongside his traditional use of photography, Top also explores the limits and boundaries of the medium through his practice. In other words, he applies his documentary practice to his experimental work. 
Top has always been fascinated by the power of technology, by the ambiguity of its double-faced nature. Breach of privacy, mass surveillance, and the collection of personal data are between Top’s recurring topics. 
Throughout the last year, the photographer rethought his practice to capture that part of technology he could not frame with a camera. By doing this, he was able to address his worries related to a future dominated by technology. 
Research represents a fundamental part of Top’s creative process; while creating, the artist constantly rethinks and readapts the original idea to the outcomes of his research. By doing this, he creates a space for the evolution and growth of his own work. 






            2021: Artist in the spotlight Arte Laguna

            2021: Shortlisted Signature Art Prize

            2021: Yanjiao Biennial :Digital Virtual Technology and Private Sphere Vol.02

            2020: Judges' Choice AI Art competition 2020

            2020: Inferences published in King House gallery catalogue

            2020: CoLab Techart Fellowship

            2020: Picture selected for Prix de la Photographie Politique

            2020: Shortlisted Student Lumen Art Prize

            2020: Eddy Adams workshop 2020  

            2020: Source Magazine Graduation issue

            2020: UAL - postgrad community. Open walls online exhibition

            2020: Canon Student development program at Visa pour L'image

            2019: MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC (UAL)

            2019: Ian Parry Scholarship Portfolio Review

            2019: Honourable mention IPA

            2019: Photo 1 Magazine exhibition at the American University in Cairo

            2019: SOFAM price for graduation project

            2019: Graduated at Narafi Luca School of Arts with a BA Photography

            2019: Canon student development program at visa pour  l’image

            2019: Head Photo Editor at Reporters     

            2019: 2-month internship at Reporters

            2018: DMJX Photo 1 course  (Erasmus)

            2018: Nominee Breda Photo 2018 with the project: The Eye of Providence

            2018 All at once visual storytelling workshop with VII Photo Agency

            2017 Magnum Workshop, Brussels (during BSPF) - 4 days workshop

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