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Marcel Top (b. 1997, BE) is a visual artist living and working between Belgium and London. Top has recently exhibited work in occasion of .tiff at FoMu (BE), Fotofestiwal (PL), La Mediatine (BE), Utopias Photofestival Lahti (FI), Der Greif 15th anniversary past and present (DE), Openwalls Arles at Gallerie Huit (FR), Archipel_0 at Contretype (BE), 3865Km to the West Mechelen (BE), PhEST (IT), PhMuseumdays (IT) and Photo OpenUp (IT),. His works are part of the collections of the University of the Arts London and the Institut pour la photographie Lille.

He was awarded the Prix Mediatine (2024), Folio #3 at the Institut pour la Photographie (2023), PhMuseum Grant, exhibition (2022), SOFAM price (2019). His work has been showcased in publications such as the British Journal of Photography, Phroom, PhMuseum, Zone Magazine  and.tiff.


After studying photography at Narafi (Brussels), Marcel Top went on to take a master in photojournalism and documentary photography at the London College of Communication. 

Top researches the topics of mass surveillance, privacy, data collection.In his practice, he layers a traditional approach to documentary research with a more experimental use of new technologies (such as facial recognition, movement analysis, and deepfakes). The artist uses these technologies to visualise and examine scenarios in which people can protect themselves and their rights by gaining knowledge and reclaiming control of surveillance tools. 

Top’s projects addressing human rights, police misconduct and facial recognition during protests aim to contrast the abstract nature of the algorithmic mechanisms behind mass surveillance, by providing a concrete visualisation of the phenomenon and confronting the public with the extensive amount of surveillance societies are subjected to and the ethical risks deriving, finally offering theoretical solutions.


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  • 2024: UnSeen (Upcoming)

  • 2024: Kranj Photofestival (upcoming)

  • 2024: .tiff FoMu (upcoming)

  • 2024: FotoFestiwal (upcoming)

  • 2024: La Médiatine

  • 2023: Screening Chartra Festival

  • 2023: Screening PhMuseumDays

  • 2023: Utopias Photofestival Lahti

  • 2023: 15th aniversary Der Greif past&present

  • 2023: Openwalls Arles Gallerie Huit

  • 2023: Sunny Art Center

  • 2023: Contretype

  • 2022: 3865KM To the West

  • 2022:  PhEST

  • 2022: PhMuseumdays

  • 2022: This Gallery, Reveal

  • 2021: A Question of When

  • 2021: LoosenArt, Freedom for Free

  • 2021: Signature Art Prize

  • 2021: Photo OpenUp

  • 2021: XLVI

  • 2021: Public Enquiry LCC

  • 2021: Yanjiao Biennial

  • 2020: UAL Open Walls

  • 2020: SciencesPo Paris

  • 2019: Graduation Show Narafi


  • Prix Médiatine 2024

  • Folio #4

  • Shortlist Sunny Art Center

  • PhMuseum Grant, exhibition

  • Shortlist RPS

  • PhMuseum FOlio 21

  • Shortlist VAO21

  • Shortlist Signature Art Prize

  • Shortlist Gsyphotofest

  • Judge's choice AI Art Competition

  • Shortlisted Prix de la Photographie Politique

  • Shortlisted Lumen Art Prize

  • Honourable Mention IPA

  • Sofam Graduation Price

  • Nominated Breda Photo


  • UAL Art Collection

  • Insitut pour la photographie Lille


  • NOIA 3 & 1

  • Phroom

  • PhMuseum

  • Zone Magazine 2024

  • Stir The Pot - Ovale Press

  • .tiff 2024

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