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There will be better days
France 2019

Christophe and Anthony are both farmers in the French region of L’indre. Christophe is a dairy farmer, that together with his daughter Elodie, invests in new technologies to stay competitive and try to earn a minimum wage.


Anthony has three different farms where he raises Limousin cattle. Together with his wife Lucie they spent time going to agricultural fairs all over France to win competitions. Through genetics and competitions, he tries to stay ahead of his competition. They are from a different generation and raise different cattle but are linked by their love and passion for the animals they own and the job they do, regardless of the financial problems and the struggle to meet ends.


Their love for their job is so big that they find new ways to be able to continue their job. They feel that people have lost respect for the hard job they do on a daily base. Their products arrive in supermarkets where people often forget the work behind it. Farmers are often criticized for the choices they make, while those were only imposed on them by the industry. They only want to work with the animals they cherish so much while being able to make a living. 

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